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Thoughts about culture

This is going to be a pretty random, short post that is mostly the product of procrastination, but nonetheless, I feel like sharing my thoughts about this.

One of my final papers this semester (which happens to be my last semester of classes before I go on internship, HOLLAAAA) is a “cultural autobiography”. It’s for a class I’m taking about working with culturally diverse individuals in my field. Basically, I have to write a paper about how my culture and the things that have happened to me in life have shaped my beliefs and values, and why. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it hasn’t been for me.

I’m a white girl born and raised in Michigan in a middle class family. I am the essence of the majority culture where I am living. Sure, there are things that have shaped how I view the world that can be considered aspects of my culture. Every single person on the planet has a culture that they identify with and can probably pinpoint how that culture has had an impact on how they view the world. But, I’m honestly a little uncomfortable writing about how my culture has impacted my worldview when I’ve honestly had it so easy in comparison to so many others. Has being a more liberal-leaning female in a white, middle-class, conservative family been easy 100% of the time? Of course not. But those little disagreements I have with family based upon my views of the world are nothing but an annoyance to me that I get over in a moment’s time. They in no way compare to the magnitude of what other individuals in my country face.

Another aspect that makes me unsettled about this assignment is that it’s making me realize how ordinary I really am. I love the idea of being a different and unique individual (I am an Aquarius, after all), and learning about other cultures and about things that make them stand out from the majority always reminds me that I’m not that special. Not that I need to be, but it’s just one of those things that puts me back in my place regarding who I am. If I had to guess, my paper will probably look like most of the other papers that will be turned into my professor (my field is predominantly made up of white women, so there are zero men and only a handful of women of color in my class, which is made up of 2/3rds of the students currently in my program).

I have ideas of things that I can write about, so I’m not worried about that part of it, and even if I didn’t have ideas, the due date is still a few weeks out. I’m just getting my feelings out there that it is making me a little uncomfortable that I have to write about perceived “hardships” that aren’t at all hard.

Well, whatever. I better suck it up and get back to picking away at this paper (and at the other 30 assignments I have to finish between now and May). Happy Friday, kids.

– Jessica


Life Update

So here’s what’s been happening since January:

I’m still single and I still like it that way because I still don’t want a relationship. Everything’s chill. Although I’ve been chatting it up with a couple of guys. We’ll see what happens with that.

I got awarded another graduate assistantship for next year! Which means my tuition is covered and I will be making money! And it also means that I have now had at least one stroke of luck, so things may be looking up for me!

I’m going to Firefly Music Festival and Mo Pop Music Festival this summer! I’ve been trying to go to Firefly for YEARS, and I finally convinced one of my friends to go with me! I can’t wait!

My kitten turned a year old! He’s still an asshole though so don’t get too excited. I also bought a laser¬†pointer. I had never tried using one to play with the cats before and it’s crazy how much they love it!

School has been fucking insane this semester. I’m glad that there is only one week left not including finals because I’m about over it!

If you want to see an accurate depiction of my life click here

And that’s about how my brain is functioning this semester.

I might get a nannying job for a little baby this summer! I love babies and this one seems like he’s pretty easy so I’m excited if it all works out!

And that’s about it. Things are good. I’m hoping that will all my fun plans this summer they get even better, and I even think that I’ll be making even more plans as time goes on! We will see.

But for now, back to finishing my four assignments that are all due on Tuesday of next week…


A little information about how I got to this point in my life:


I think that if someone could have a mid-life crisis at the age of 23, that’s what would be happening to me right now.

My life is changing so rapidly right now, and whenever that happens, I have a tendency to lose my shit a little.

After losing my shit completely, I come to a turning point, and things start to look up.

So right now, I think I might be at the turning point in my mess of a life, but I can’t be sure because the situation is still so new.

What happened, you see, is that when I decide to fuck something up, I fuck it up as badly as is humanly possible. I don’t fuck it up at a convenient point or anything like that. I fuck it up at a time that just does not work out for anyone.

What did I fuck up? My mother fucking relationship.

For four and a half years, I was with the same person. We had been through so much together, so many difficult times, so much bullshit, and I thought our relationship could last through anything.

Well apparently I was wrong.

I went as far as to move in with said person last May, and then, as soon as our roommate moves out, as soon as my parents buy him a ticket to go on our cruise with us over Christmastime, and as soon as we adopt a new kitten together, we’re done.

Its a long, LONG story, but things just took a bad turn (you’ll probably get the pleasure of hearing about it later so don’t worry about it too much).

So as of last week, for the first time in four and a half years, I am single and scrambling to find an apartment on my own with two cats, living in the extra bedroom of my now ex-boyfriend(who, may I mention, will barely look at me?)’s house that he mother fucking owns, and losing my fool mind.

But hey, at least we weren’t married and shit, right?

This blog could end up being about a lot of things.

You’re going to hear more details of the demise of my relationship, I’m sure.

You’re going to hear details of how I’m learning to be single after all this time.

You’re going to hear details of me learning to live on my own and fully take care of myself, since I’ve never done this without a roommate of some sort before.

You’re going to hear about grad school and how I’m dealing.

And you’ll probably hear fun stories about the cats and my friends and my sometimes awesome, sometimes joke, of a life.

So get ready for some fun, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you in advance for sticking with me while I figure my life out.