God dammit Patrice

Today I called the electric company to have the service for my apartment transferred into my name.

Except when I gave them my social security number, they informed me that they already have that number on file for a woman named Patrice Jefferson.

So guess whose mom had to put the electric bill in her name until I can prove that I’m myself to the company? THIS GIRL RIGHT HURR.


I can’t even with myself sometimes.

I don’t know whether to be upset with Patrice for trying to steal my identity or if the company just made a mistake and has the wrong social security number listed for this woman. But I’m annoyed.

Like as if my life needed any more complications right now.

But guess what? I get my key tomorrow! I’m excited to start setting the place up and moving things in. I won’t be fully moved in until like Saturday night but whatever.

So anyway, I just figured I’d give everyone a nice little anecdotal piece about the continued downward spiral of my life.

More to come soon, I’m sure.



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