The first drunken mishap of my single life, and also me using my blog as a diary because feelings

Do you ever do nothing wrong but still feel like you did?

Because that’s my life right now.

So a little piece of info about the events leading up to why my most recent relationship ended and a fun story from my latest drunken adventures:

I recently became BFF’s with this girl Ang I worked with at my last job. She’s literally my favorite human.

Her fiance’s best friend is obsessed with me and he stole a kiss from me while I was blackout drunk a few months back. Ever since then he thinks he can date me or what not. Ya know, typical weird controlling guy stuff that women have to deal with all the time. So anyway he is constantly asking me out on dates, trying to get me to hook up with him, etc. Even while I was still in a relationship (clearly since he kissed me after knowing that I had a boyfriend he doesn’t really have a good grasp regarding boundaries). Its honestly gotten to a point where his actions boarder on harassment and I’m getting really annoyed by it. I told my boyfriend right after I found out that it had happened because I was always terrible at keeping things from him and I wanted him to know what had happened. We worked through it at the time but it was ultimately a factor in our relationship ending.

So anyway, part two of the story: we’ve all been keeping the fact that I’m now single from this guy. I even lied to him and said that my boyfriend and I are doing well last time I saw him. Whoops.

Well, flash forward to last night. I go out with my girl Ang and all her and her fiance’s friends like I always do. Its a zombie bar crawl so its a pretty fun time and what not. Said guy who is obsessed with me is there, among other people.

Well after lying to obsessed guy and saying I was still in a relationship, I decided to have one too many jack and cokes and end up hitting it off with one of their other friends and making out with him.

Obsessed guy is now pissed.

So I feel bad about that and bad that not even two weeks after ending my last relationship I’m out making out with dudes at bars. Even though I’m single and nobody owns me and I can do what I want with my own self and body.

I also feel bad because I need, NEED to be doing shit for school right now and I was doing such a great job at controlling myself last night until the last couple of hours that we were out and now I’m hungover today and am basically a clout on society. However I did bring my study materials into my bed so once I have finally mustered up the motivation to use them I will be golden.

So anyway, thanks for listening about my life. Hopefully I don’t continue to make poor choices in the future and don’t feel as bad about it if I do.




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